The Case for Preventative Maintenance

The Bold & Reeves service is based on providing clients with preventative maintenance. What does this really mean? In a nutshell it is about spending a little now to prevent having to pay a lot in the future, what is known as a spend to save model. A vast majority of homeowners tend to ignore maintenance. The mindset is to wait until there is a problem and then deal with it without realising that in doing so, the problem will cost much more to solve than the maintenance to prevent it in the first place.

Take a simple task like clearing gutters of leaves. This easy job is often ignored, leading to a build-up of water which tends to find its way into roofs or walls, leading to damp issues, which if left undetected can cause significant damage to the fabric of the property.

Our clients have seen two key benefits from the implementation of a preventative maintenance programme being implemented on their properties. Firstly, the number of issues within the property, which are often annoying and disruptive, is reduced meaning that they spend less time having to worry about fixing them. Secondly, they have seen a drop off in the actual running cost of their property. This is borne out by actual client data.

Published 23 Mar 2016 by Bill Shipton

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