Bold & Reeves and Shepherd bring remote monitoring & IoT to prime residential property management

Bold & Reeves represents the single most innovative and high-quality service in London residential property management. Through a combination of proactive maintenance and the use of their pioneering electronic logbook they ensure that their prime residential properties are managed with the skill and care that they deserve and their owners have unparalleled peace of mind that their assets’ values are being protected and enhanced.

In an industry-first Bold & Reeves is adding Shepherd’s remote monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) service to all their properties. This use of “PropTech” allows Bold & Reeves to monitor, assess and identify faults in equipment such as boilers, air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical systems. When a problem is identified, real-time alerts are sent out to those who can resolve the issue.

The benefits of machine learning have become clear in the petro-chemical and aerospace industries but up to now they have been out of reach of residential property management. Shepherd’s powerful but simple machine learning and predictive maintenance platform changes this.

“Our clients can be assured that their property is in safe hands and ready for immediate use at all times. By deploying Shepherd’s technology we can ensure that we are on the front-foot in managing our client properties: we know about problems immediately and often before they become critical. We can then ensure our reaction is fast and appropriate. This is truly predictive maintenance.” says Bill Shipton, MD of Bold & Reeves.

Shepherd’s direct alerting capability provides detailed diagnostic data that allows Bold & Reeves staff and engineering partners to be immediately aware if a problem is detected, regardless of their location, and provides the necessary information to attend site with the right parts to solve the problem rapidly. Shepherd’s service makes previously unaffordable predictive maintenance technology a truly cost effective and non-invasive solution for residential property management and facilities maintenance companies.

“Bold & Reeves and Shepherd are a perfect fit and we are delighted to be part of a world-first prime residential partnership.  Shepherd’s revolutionary machine learning and statistical analysis technology results in instantly actionable maintenance data which Bold & Reeves will be able to use to support their exemplary service to their clients. Our trial shows that we can produce meaningful results within weeks of deployment.” comments, Will Brocklebank, CEO of Shepherd.

Published 28 Nov 2017 by Bill Shipton

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